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photoOur success has been built on our close relationships with our loyal customers, and we would not be in business without them! We value these relationships that we have built with our customers over the 34 plus years that we have been in business. Listed below you will find our customers comments on doing business with us. We hope to add you to this list soon!

"I was able to upgrade my ML320 to the sports package and saved hundreds of dollars using RRParts. Roy always provided accurate information regarding compatibility issues and I never had a problem. It is as easy as working with the dealership but without the retail mark-up!" ---Andrew J. Marton, Esq.

"Roy Tucker (a real person) has been THE "parts guy" for my 1980 450SL since 1987, when I first discovered his shop near Texas Stadium. He has always treated me fairly and advised me honestly as to his recommendations for parts, and even service. Thankfully, after Roy's move to California, he stayed in the parts business and still is very responsive to my requests for parts...and guidance. I highly recommend him to you. Roy has a passion for parts and is a human "Knowledge Base" for Benz parts. He has helped keep my Benz going for over 200K miles! I'm a loyal fan. " --- Ross Stoddard, Irving, Texas

"I have ordered parts from Roy for the past 3-4 years and have always received the correct OEM parts at a good price. It is good to know that when I need something for my Mercedes Roy is here to help. Thank you for excellent service."---Michael Yarmarkov

"I became aware of the R&R Imports Auto Parts web page through the ML320 internet forum. Living in Beijing, and owning one of only a handful of ML 320's that are in this city, I needed to find a reliable source to order parts for my vehicle. I have found Roy to be very responsive to my email requests, very knowledgeable about the ML, and the parts I have ordered are reasonably priced and have been delivered very promptly. I have ordered parts from other internet sources, and I would rank the customer service provided by R&R Imports to be No. 1 ! "---Charles Krips, Beijing.

"Dear Roy, I am writing to tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with your company. I was looking for a couple of replacement parts for my Jaguar and had checked the dealer first. When I heard their prices (minus labor, of course) it almost made me choke. Checking the web, I found your site and sent an inquiry to you around midnight. First thing the next morning I had a reply and much to my surprise the prices you quoted for "original equipment" exact replacements were significantly lower than the dealer prices. I must admit to being a bit skeptical at that point, since I didn't think a dealer would be charging that much more. Now I know, THEY DO! The parts arrived the next day (two days ahead of when you promised), and were exactly what they were suppose to be. You even provided instructions on changing the antennae. Thank you very much -- I cannot recommend your company enough. Please consider this letter a strong endorsement and a wish for the success you deserve. Yours Sincerely,---Bob Hora" Danville California

"Roy Tucker at R & R Parts has been a great help to me in ordering parts for my 1998 Mercedes Benz, at a significant discount than from the dealer! His knowledge of parts and fitment makes ordering from him a pleasure. Roy's professionalism in returning calls and emails sets him apart from the crowd of parts guys. We need more dealers like R & R Parts to help us do-it-yourselfers! Thanks Roy! "---Alan Woo Oakland, California

"I have been buying parts from R&R Parts for over 15 years. He has supplied parts for my VW, Olds, Buick, Honda and Toyota's. With a wife and two kids, I am a four car family. Thanks to R&R Parts I have saved thousands on parts while keeping the family in transportation. For quality parts at a good prices and fast delivery, R&R is the best game in town." ---Dean Tucker Houston, Texas

"My 89' Range Rover would be in a junkyard if it wasn't for Roy and R& R parts. Superfast shipping and tremendous savings compared to other parts places. Thanks for keeping my Rover running."---Catherine Breitenstein, Santa Cruz

"Living in New Zealand we are a long way from the source of spares in Europe. I have used Roy's help a number of times in the past and have nothing but praise for his business. He has been helpful in identifying the part I need and was happy to take parts back at no cost to me when they were not quite what was wanted. I would recommend him for his honest efficient and and helpful assistance. I will always use him as a first port of call for parts for my Porsche and Japanese cars." ---Dr Martin Wilson New Zealand

"I have a 1996 Toyota Camry with 138,000 miles on it. Due to the profession I'm in, I put a lot of mileage on a car. I'm real particular of what parts and shops I have working on my vehicle. Because I have followed your recommendations on parts and servicing, my automotive problems are next to nothing. My time is valuable and you have always recognized that by delivering parts to my home within 24 hours. That is what I call, great customer service. Keep up the good work... Your satisfiedcustomer." ---Malcolmn Kay